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The Convention on Biological Diversity encompasses a wide spectrum of different themes: forest biodiversity, mountain biodiversity, inland waters biodiversity, marine biodiversity, etc. Every theme is accompanied by a specific programme of work, resulting into an extended system of measures. The strategic plan is a transversal text covering all other subjects. It contains a social, economic and ecological aspect and enlists the strategic objectives of the Convention. In 2002, the CBD adopted a strategic plan with a series of goals, known as the ‘2010 Biodiversity Target’.

The general mission of the former strategic plan was to considerably reduce the speed of biodiversity loss by 2010 (2010 Biodiversity Target). Europe had an even more ambitious goal: to halt the loss of biodiversity within Europe by 2010. In-depth evaluations have shown that neither goal has sufficiently been met. These results will be reflected in the new and revised strategic plan for 2011-2020.

At the COP 10, Parties will mostly negotiate about the level of ambition and the phrasing of the goals for the next ten years. Throughout this process, they must continuously hold into account financial and technical resources to implement and execute the new strategic plan. The new strategic plan therefore needs to be both ambitious and realistic for all Parties.

Moreover, negotiations about the strategic plan are strongly connected to the issues of ‘Resource Mobilization Strategy’ and ‘Access and Benefit Sharing’. One of the biggest challenges at the COP 10 will be to reconcile the different interests of Northern and Southern countries and to find a sound balance between all Parties.

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