Folder Biodiversity and Poverty Reduction


Biodiversity is crucial to the reduction of poverty, due to the basic goods and ecosystem services it provides. They include the provision of food, fiber and medicine, soil formation, air quality and climate regulation, the regulation of water supply and quality and the cultural and aesthetic value of certain plants and species.

Biodiversity is also integral to key development sectors such as agriculture and livestock, forestry, and fishing or tourism. More than 1.3 billion people depend on biodiversity and on basic ecosystems goods and services for their livelihoods (availability of usable land, water, plant and animal species).

Since the poor are particularly dependent on the goods and services supplied by biodiversity, development strategies that ignore their protection undermine poverty alleviation and are therefore counterproductive. For this reason, it is crucial for development and poverty alleviation strategies and programs to prioritize biodiversity.


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Text source: Convention on Biological Diversity

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